Recruitment for Liaison Officer


Liaison Officers Conference assignments: 

  1. Provides information about ELTIC 2019 and other information such as tourism and culture, culinary attractions, entertainment tours, etc. to the contingent who is accompanied.
  2. As a companion for the conference participant since arrival, while in the conference until the return of the participant.
  3. Accommodate every participant’s complaint and help resolve it. However, if they are unable to complete it, they are expected to submit it to other competent committees.
  4. Coordinate with the principal committee for the Opening and Closing agenda.
  5. Ensuring every participant gain of consumption provided by the principal committee
  6. Serve as technicians in each room in parallel sessions or as a moderator companion


  1. Student from APSPBI Regional Members with semester II to VIII
  2. Student has the ability to communicate well in Bahasa Indonesia and English (it can be proven with language proficiency test certificates)
  3. Student is able to work in teams
  4. Student is able to operate computer and know the use of electronic devices such as projectors and sound systems
  5. Do not have a diagnosis of ill health such as severe and contagious disease (it can be proven by a health certificate from a doctor)
  6. Student has a recommendation letter from the Head of Department / Dean or campus academic official

Document Should be Prepared

  1. Biodata Form (download here!)
  2. Photocopy of Identity Card (KTP)
  3. Photocopy of Student Identity Card
  4. Photocopy of Academic Transcript (latest)
  5. Recommendation letter (issued by your university/department)

Please send us your document through this email:

Deadline: 24 August 2019